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Beijing Homestay and Homestay in Major cities

China Home is one of professional homestay providers in China, having been in the homestay business since 2006. For nearly 3 years, we have served more than one hundred foreign friends from all around the world! We mainly offer students, scholars, athletes, and visitors from all over the globe a wonderful opportunity to stay with Chinese host families who would like to practice speaking English and help their guests .The members host family warmed want to help guest with their work and studying Chinese while their staying.

We can usually find you a host family within 7 working days, in most cases, even faster! We do provide homestay in Beijing, Nanjing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Shijiazhuang and other main cities in China.

The goal of Homestay

Homestay program was designed to provide participants with a comprehensive experience of Chinese culture. The program will provide both guest and family with a better understanding of each other's culture. It's the best way to practice your newly acquired skills. It definitely enhances your cultural experience and perfects your Mandarin. The main points of our program are:

  • Learning Mandarin Chinese (optional);
  • Authentic home cooked Chinese meals
  • Make you easily enter Chinese family life;
  • Join in local folk activities with host family;
  • Often the family will take you on excursion to famous tourist sites;
  • Living with a Chinese family and learning first hand about Chinese culture;

Homestay Packages

We are proud to offer the most affordable and wonderful homestay for you in China, homestay program complete with full staff support from the time you land until go back your home. We have four packages for you! Special consideration is given to people would like to stay for less than one month or long than one year. Please contact us with your inquiries.

  • Package I: Chinese & Culture Environment, 5 hours/week English help to family, free dinner.
  • Package II: Chinese & Culture Environment, 16 hours Chinese Private Lesson, free dinner.
  • Package III: Pure Homestay with 30 hours Private Chinese lessons, free breakfast and diner.
  • Package IV: Village Homestay for writer, journalist who has interests about village; free diner.


Our homestay is geared towards our foreign friends who have an interest in all things about China. The main requirement is to have an open mind and to be fluent in English. We welcome participants from all nationalities and backgrounds. Most of our guests have been recent high school graduates or college students.

Host Families & Living Conditions

Generally speaking, your living conditions will be upscale by local standards. You can expect to be in a modern apartment with your own private bedroom. Most of apartment involves highly secure housing complexes and communities. Our families are generally very well off and belong to the local elite (Government officials, School teachers, party leaders, business owners.) Our families will provide you with more exquisite food than you can eat, internet access, air-conditioning, heating and you will be within a short distance of shopping malls and other life necessities.

Almost of our families get involved in this program because they want to learn more about the west. The vast majority are successful middle aged families that want their children to spend time with foreign English speakers for cultural awareness and to improve their language skills. Our families feel happy and will treat as one their family member. They feel honored and responsible to welcome a foreigner inside their home. These families also will provide our guests with help learning Chinese mandarin.

Feedback From Previous Homestay

Hi guys, I'm back in the US now, and just wanted to say thanks for all your help. My Homestay worked out really well in Beijing, Talking Chinese was the chance of a lifetime. I'll be recommending China Home to any friends or students who want to learn more about Chinese culture in an exciting way ! I'll be coming back, I'll be sure to stop by and say hello.

Keyon 16th September 2009

Thanks Michael and Jake for setting me up. The Lee family is Really friendly and helpful. It was nice that I was able to meet China Home and get me settled in Beijing. Coming to China was a big thing, but I felt better knowing China Home help me get everything settled. Now I feel good about being here and looking forward to staying for a while. I have to say I am so luck to arrange

Marcle 10th December 2009

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